Our Story



Big Dave brings more than 40 years of experience as a bagel baker and deli restaurant owner to Big Dave’s Bagels & Deli.  Big Dave opened Monroe Bagels & Deli in Monroe, N.Y in 1989, which he sold after 18 years to a competitor in 2007 because “…our kids were mostly out of the house, and it seemed like a good time to make a change.”

The process of writing the business plan for Big Dave's was straight forward and clear: To reach back through 40 years of business experience and list all the positive ideas that have been successful, as well as list all the mistakes and areas where we had difficulties, and undergo a process that would culminate in a winning business strategy.

Simply put, I wanted this business to be better than any we have had before, and I was awfully proud of our shop in New York.  And although we have a long way to go before I will compare the two, the initial response in beautiful North Conway has been terrific.  Perhaps that old carpenter's saying about measuring twice and cutting once has some merit, and I hope our new business will become as much a  part of this community as our old one did.  We promise always to do our best in making the best NH bagels and best sandwiches that we can.


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We use only the finest ingredients applying tested recipes that date back well into the past century.  We make small batches that sell out quickly. We taste and eat what we serve.  And always look at the food from a customer's perspective. Many of our combinations and selections are from customer suggestions.

But a good deal of this menu was taught to me in 1974 when I was a wide eyed 14 year-old young man working at his first job.  I learned from two deli men at the Bagel Fair in Paramus N.J.  I still refer to them as Deli Black Belts.  They would teach me how to roast beef and turkeys, how to make great salads, how to create platters.  Without their help, motivation and patience with an over eager youngster my story might be different, and I know my food would not be as good.

The Finest Ingredients.  No cutting corners.  Paying attention. Lessons from the Black Belts.


*Keep an eye out for the Big Dave's van as you visit the Valley!